who am I


My story with a little s ...

It's always difficult to talk about yourself, but you need to get to know me a little before you decide to contact me


I won't tell you how old I am, you don't ask a woman how old I am.

Just remember I'm 29..........Every year ! 

Coming from the world of events, 16 years in the night, I love above all human contact, music, dance, friends, simply life…

 I attach importance to the values of marriage, I grew up in a family where everyone is married, these are the moments I expect the most.

Beyond the "piece of paper", commitment is once again becoming a strong value. 

Men are getting more and more involved an mine, with whom I am married and the father of my 4 children (already too big!) has always been at my side in my projects. As a man, he will tell you that he lets me manage my "girl stuff" with the requirement that he knows me, but I sometimes surprise him to talk like a real glider.....

If you, your dream as a little girl or your dream as an accomplished man ( and yes men mature afterwards!) Was to get married, mine was to organize and celebrate this moment.

In short, I am fortunate to have a large, close-knit family and my life experience has given me the ability to adapt to all situations and personality types.

In the United States everyone can proclaim themselves "celebrating" but without conviction….

 On the other hand, by passion and after a diploma course  I became a wedding planner followed by a lay officiant.

Then you're here ......... to tell your story but with a capital S..

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